Roll or Die!

The First Steps Towards Greatness

The First Steps Towards Greatness

The game began with our characters escorting a caravan with much needed supplies to the Northern Wastes. The land has been gripped by an unseasonal winter in the middle of farming season, crops have been ruined and cattle have frozen to death, as a result many are starving and everyone wants answers!
After arriving in Faestromel, a large town built into the mountain it self, our adventurers off-loaded their cargo and set about looking for the Lord Warden. They found him by the river outside the city gates leading a heated debate with a large gathering of concerned citizens. After listening in on the crowd and joining in on the discussion, although storm clouds were rolling in and lightning raged overhead they noticed a sinister sound coming from above them in the clouds. Suddenly a longboat made of ice and rowed by the undead emerged from the heavens and landed by the river, scattering the towns folk, our adventurers made short work of the undead and kept the Lord Warden safe.
In the aftermarth the halfling approached the prow of the ship where a figurehead resembling a dragons was afixed. After a short discussion he learned that this ship was sent by the Winter King who had created this weather because someone had stolen his Ice Scepter, our heroes were quick to spot a figure in the crowd trying to slink away but he was apprehened by the towns guard (after the townsfolk lynched him).
After researching the Winter King, gathering a number of dwarves to man the oars and convincing the Half-Elf who stole the scepter to return to the Winter Kings lair and aid them, our adventurers boarded the angry/hateful long boat and set sail through the skys. But it was far from clear skys yet! On their journey they were battered by hail, strong winds threatened to push them overboard, they head to endure freezing cold, trecherous weather almost tore the boat appart and poor quality ropes led to some quick thinking.

Eventually they arrived at the CAIRN of the Winter King!
Appon entering they were greeted by a man who claimed to be the Winter King, but after eating some suspicious food and conversing with the man they soon learned it was all an illusion!
Till next game…

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