The Winter King

An ancient conquerer frozen in ice for hundereds of years.


It’s belived he was once a human warlord who united several barbarian tribes to the north.

Stats: Unknown


Over the course of a single long winter he conquered several human sities and laid claim to many dwarven thaigs, earning him the name the Winter King, he erected a towering pile of skulls of those he defeated to loom over him fortress entrance.
The winter lasted so long and was so advantageous to his soldiers that it was said he made a pact with a fey lord of great power know as the Prince of Frost, granting him powers beyond conprehension. Hower the Winter King did not count upon the enimty between the Prince of Frost and the Raven Queen. For his arrogance and alliance with her foe, the Raven Queen cursed the Winter King so that all he touched would turn to ice.
And so amid the finest food and drink the Winter King starved. He demanded that the Prince of Frost remove the curse, but that fickle lord instead froze the king solid and entombed his fortress in ice and so the frozen pile of skulls became the cairn that marked the Winter King’s grave.

The Winter King

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